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I can't resize window since Zoom 5.9.1 on MacOS 12.1 (Monterey)


Prior to the recent Zoom update to v5.9.1 on January 10, 2022, I was able to make the Zoom Window meeting more narrow than I can now.

I use to be able to click and drag on the edge of the Meeting window to make it tight to the two people in the meeting I'm in. Since the Zoom update, I can't make it that narrow—it takes up about a quarter of my display screen.

I know this is a bit esoteric, but wonder what some options might be to make the meeting window very narrow while displaying me and whomever else I'm on the Zoom meeting with? 



I'm having the same problem, and it's driving me nuts! Any solution?


Me too - very frustrating!


It's particularly bad working without an external monitor / 2nd screen. It's not possible to make the window any smaller than half the screen.


I agree. It's terrible for work meetings when you need to look at docs onscreen and are on a laptop (with no extra screen).


This is a terrible update! I need to be able to shink the window so I can see what I'm working on in a longer meeting...


This is also driving me nuts. On a laptop screen there is no space now for a document and the zoom window. There's so little real estate on screens these days to begin with (in meetings always juggling so many documents etc), why would you make your window size BIGGER?!?


Totally agree! Before this Zoom update, I LOVED the flexibility of making the Zoom gallery window exactly the size that made sense in the context of whatever Zoom meeting I was in. Now it takes up half my screen, or 2/3 of the screen if there are five people in the room and it goes on two rows. Zoom -- please PLEASE address this bug! It has to be a bug in the update, doesn't it? There is absolutely no user benefit in your having made this change deliberately. I am working on a Mac running Big Sur OS.


Throwing in my hat, this seriously messed with my workflow as a user of a single monitor who used to keep zoom in gallery view in a small "sidebar".


I wonder if this is a Mac OS issue. I am running Big Sur and I have the Zoom resizing-gallery-window problem; a colleague of mind is running Monterey, the newest one, and he doesn't. Are all of you, who are having this resizing issue, running OS versions that are earlier than Monterey? This might be the thing that prompts me to upgrade to Monterey, even though I keep hearing that it's pretty buggy.

I’m having the issue on Monterrey actually. 

I'm having the problem with Monterey. See my comment below about how Zoom's development team has responded to me that this disaster is "as intended."


I just found this page, which, maddeningly, didn't come up in my initial searches about this problem. There's a thumbnail view:

While helpful, this is not the solve for this issue. Thumbnail view is a different view all-together and floats on top of all other windows.


Also having this issue - Intel MacBook Pro, Monterey. Can't resize gallery smaller than half the screen.  Used to be able to...


Can't agree more. It impacts my workflow significantly and it will be great if the issue can be addressed in the next update version. 


Totally agree, this is MADDENING! Really need this addressed, I can't see attendees and my docs at the same time. Why oh why did Zoom eliminate resizing options?

Honestly the best solution here would be to add a SMALL thumbnail view that allows you to see a gallery of participants the same way you get when someone is screen sharing. 

Please please please fix this! 


I had reported this in a separate thread,, and reported the following frustrating news there just now:


I’ve been going back and forth with Zoom support, who was in touch with their development team, and just got the worst possible answer to this bug report:


John Balletta

Jan 26, 2022, 16:06 PST

Hi Geoff,

The sizing is working as intended. The way for you to have it take up less space is to increase the screen resolution. 


That.... doesn't address our issues AT ALL! Oh, Zoom. What are you thinking?!? Sigh.

Terrible response. As a software engineer of 20+ years, sure, engineering can say anything is "working as designed", That doesn't mean the design is correct. When your customers in mass tell you something doesn't work well, it's a bug, period.


I submitted a ticket also, everyone else should also. More pressure gets attention.

Is this where you submitted a ticket? Or is there a better place?


that's where I found also.

I might know why they did this. I had previously reported an issue to Zoom whereby, if the Zoom window is very narrow and on the right side of the screen, the pre-meeting video/audio settings dialog is still centred on the window but is wider than the window, and therefore the buttons on the right side of the settings window are off the screen.  So they might have made the minimum width of the Zoom window equivalent to the width of the video settings dialog to avoid this problem. (Still, moving the window over temporarily to click on the right side of the prompt was MUCH less annoying than having the Zoom window too wide!)


If Zoom won't fix this, maybe our only solution is to join Zoom meetings from within a browser window instead, since we can shrink that window. I'll have to try this tomorrow...





Upgraded to 5.9.3 and this is still occurring.


This "change" needs to be reverted!


Please, all of you -- go to the Zoom Feedback link that Zoom sent me, in response to my first effort to register a complaint, and beat the drum on this. The more noise we all make, the sooner they'll figure out what the bug is and fix it. thank you!


I am using Montery and this Zoom update is horrible because when I run a group for therapy and want to decrease the screen yet keep all of them on the screen yet I can't unless I only minimize it to like nothing and can't minimize it while recording at all.  I'm wondering if I got a different monitor and moved the "faces" there while using my laptop to view other things needed. 


For all of you running in to this issue.  It is not a MacOS issue.  The window resize issue started, at least for me with 5.9.1 and continues with 5.9.3.

For those of you needing an older version of zoom that resizes correctly please see links for MacOS (v5.8.6) and Windows (v5.8.7) below.  I am a Mac user so I downgraded back to 5.8.6 and now can resize my zoom window as normal.

Hope this helps.


version 5.8.7 (2058) windows

version 5.8.6 (2879) Mac


I am having the same problem on my MacBook running Monterey 12.1  Also just updated to the newest Zoom client.  No change.  This is terrible.  I can't believe Zoom is not fixing this problem



Seems they fixed this with v5.11.1.


I can now reduce the width of Zoom Meeting window much more narrowly.


Thanks Zoom team!

I still cannot.


Since the latest update I can't use Zoom main window without moving it around on a 13" Macbook.

I can make the window larger, but not smaller, the inside columns also can't be adjusted.

2023-09-28_11-45-55 (2).gif


Zoom Version: 5.16.0 (22929)