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Cannot Log in Using My Company Email Address


I'm attempting to log in to from my laptop Windows computer on Chrome browser using my company email address.  The response is: 


The domain associated with your email address has been claimed by XXXXXXXX. To retain access to your Zoom account, please select an action below. Learn More

                    Update Email Address

The email you indicate here will be connected to your Zoom account.


The learn more link takes me to a change-your-password page which I've done a couple of times. 

This started happening on 4/4/2023.  Prior to that I was able to login. 


Thanks in advance!!!





If your details are correct, you can fix Zoom not accepting your email by completing the following solutions;

Fix 1. Try a different device
There may be an issue with a specific device you are using to access Zoom. This could be the device itself, or the Zoom software on the platform.

If you are using the Zoom application, try logging in through your web browser and vice versa.
Swap your mobile device to a PC (vice versa).
Fix 2. Check internet connection
If Zoom cannot connect to a stable network, you will encounter issues when trying to log in. This will be due to information requests not being able to be received by the Zoom server.

You can check your internet speed to make sure you are receiving the right amount of bandwidth.

If your network service provider has been down, or your internet has been intermittent, it is recommended to reconnect your Wifi router to re-establish a connection




Hello Diana,

Thanks for the response however these fixes do not fix my issue.  I've tried accessing the account from both PC and phone.  Same results.  I have excellent internet connectivity.  I'm able to connect to other video conferencing sites with no problems.