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Can we stop the annoying "Special Offers" pop up with our ZOOM Application? See attached Scree.


Can we stop the annoying "Special Offers" pop up with our ZOOM Application?   See attached Screen.

Is this a privacy setting ?

Please advise. 




I agree. This repetitive nagging of [paying] customers is super annoying. What is really irritating is that it reappears the next time you open the app, even though I dismissed it previously. Poor and needy behaviour more like MS trying to get you to use Edge or OneDrive. Very irritating

Yes, I abhor how MS takes over your computer. If I want to save a file?  It automatically goes into One Drive!  I have to continually remove the Edge icon from my toolbar. They keep putting it back!  I use open software by choice. I will click out of every pop-up MS sends, but they even make that difficult! 


These companies do not know what's best for us. We just need to connect and use our systems.  Basic.  Boom.  That's what we need. Not all of this other forced-feeding of tools and features that we neither want or need and which get in the way of our basic connections with clients in a way that doesn't take over our time, our systems, or our screens. 



Yep. They're about to lose a customer over it. I HATE it.


Yes.  Let's add that to the list of other annoying Zoom "features": 


Continual updates that don't really help but in fact, are distractions, and disrupt the flow of the meeting.  I had found a remedy last month and LOVED it!  I uninstalled Zoom and re-installed a previous version.  Everything was running smoothly again.  But last week, another update came, and I was required to update with a minimum version that took me beyond the version where the toolbar worked as needed.  Why can Zoom not be happy with happy customers who liked you the way you were?  Basic connections with basic AV that actually works. 


Next: the most irritating tool bar popping up and down on the screen. Leave the toolbar stationary, please!  We are trying to have meetings, not follow the bouncing toolbar games!


The annotated toolbar popping up on the left side of my screen, getting in the way of the screen sharing. I do not want or need the toolbar in anymore view than it takes to use it.  I want and need it to be where I want and need it. Top or bottom, as much as possible out of the way. Not on my screen share.  Guess what?  When you place your toolbar over our screens, it also comes up in all the screenshots.  So what's your point?  You love your toolbar?  You can't get enough of it?  You want us to love it as much as you do?  We don't.


And when you try to move the toolbar which is more cumbersome with the "telegram" icon on it, the whole area behind and around it is blue!  Why?  Do you think we cannot already see the obtrusive tool bar that you feel you need to highlight it?  We do not want or need the blue highlight blocking the content of our screens.


Stop with all the added "features" that don't add anything but *frustration*.


I feel like Zoom has employed a bunch of young adults who just want to have fun playing with features just for the sake of making a change or adding a feature and see how it works.  Guess what?  We do not want or need them! 


Here's some information for you: I want and need my time to be used developing my professional knowledge and skills, not wasting time having to spend hours upon hours trying to undo or fix what Zoom has created in order for my clients and I to even connect and use the basic features that we truly need. 


Give me back Basic Zoom. We need to be able to connect with people.  All the added "frustrations" (aka "features") won't help if we can't connect to people, see their faces, and screenshare. Has Zoom forgotten the goal?  Face-to-face AV connection!  I could not care less about all the added bits if I and my clients cannot easily connect, hear and see each other well, and share our screens.  Enough with the rest.  It doesn't help.