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Can't set zoom ratio with Logitech C920s


Just purchased a Logitech C920s webcam in the hope of improving my Zoom presence. I have installed the latest version of Logitech Capture to achieve this. After trial and error I realised that I had to start Zoom before starting Capture. From Capture I can control focus, saturation, brightness, etc which is all fine. What I can't control is the zoom ratio. I can set a zoom ratio in Capture, but it is not reflected in my Zoom experience. Someone has suggested working through OBS 'virtual camera'. Would this solve the problem, and how would I do this (I have OBS installed)? Thank you.





You should be able to control all of that from Logitech G hub and not Logi Capture. Changes made via G hub should reflect when you use the C920 on Zoom.