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Can't login on the Windows app anymore. I'm getting error code 1132




I've never had issues with the Zoom Windows app before but yesterday, I started getting the message: "Unable to sign in Error code 1132". I can still login on the website through my internet browser and on my phone but not on the Zoom desktop client for Windows. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Does anyone know why this might be happening? I've even tried making a new account with a different email address to no avail. I'm on Windows 11.



I have had this problem for over a week. I submitted reports of the incident. No response from Zoom other than confirmations that they received my report. I called support and was not able to obtain live assistance because my subscription does not include live support. How long does this take to get assistance? I have a law business to run and have had to use my smart phone for court hearings, which is not optimal. I have uninstalled, cleaned, and reinstalled zoom client twice. I have disabled my Windows firewall. Nothing works that I have found on the troubleshooter. What next?


See ''Zoom doesn't start'' discussion for a fix by uninstalling zoom, cleaning, and installing an older version of zoom:


Error 1132 means someone contacted ZOOM saying 'blacklist this person' with no reason given.  When ZOOM does so, and they will with NQA to the blacklisted user, you'll never be able to use Zoom again on your PC or phone - they software and HARDware brick you.


There is one and only one thing to do - immediately cancel your subscription/Pro plan, cloud subscription, etc.  No sense in paying ZOOM ~$200 a year when you will never be able to use it again as a host or participant.  Ever.  The appeals process does nothing (except to drag it on into perpetuity whilst you pay your Pro plan etc., and they bank it).  Just cancel your subs immediately and save yourself money as it is just thrown into the drain after someone says 'blacklist this user'.


Firewall: Give it a temporary snooze and see if Zoom wakes up. If so, add it to the "nice list" in your firewall settings.

Account quirks: Try incognito mode in your browser to log in with your existing account. Browser extensions can be sneaky!

Zoom update: Make sure you're rocking the latest Zoom app version. Sometimes, an update is all it takes.

Network gremlins: Reboot your router and computer. Switching internet connections can also be a network sleuth's secret weapon.

Report to Zoom: If nothing works, give Zoom a heads-up! They're on the case of error 1132 and your report helps.

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