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Can’t Email participants to my zoom meeting


I have tried many different ways to contact Zoom support and get my Zoom working properly. It’s impossible to speak to someone live, so I hope that you can help with this problem. When I type in people’s email addresses to send to invite them to my zoom meeting, I am unable to send the email. I’ve tried this over and over and I can’t send emails to the participants. I have the $150 a year Zoom account which I have paid for a month ago. I use my on my iPad, as well as on my computer. Neither works! PLEASE HELP!



I would like to know as well. Essentially, when creating a zoom meeting, and adding attendees. I would assume zoom is intelligent enough to automatically send emails for calendar invites.


Its quite hilarious that a company this big hasn't made such an important yet simple feature unavailable, or hard to figure out.