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Can someone else remove my Zoom filter?


Hi, does anyone know whether it is possible for someone else to remove my zoom filter if I use one? Many thanks in advance,  Emma



In a Zoom meeting, click the up arrow next to your Stop Video icon and select Choose Video Filter to open the Settings window.
Select the box labeled None in the top left corner of the filter selections. You may need to scroll up until you see this option.



Thanks, James. I was actually asking whether someone else could take off my filter. Do you know if that is possible? Many thanks again.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There is a user setting for allowing participants to use filters or not.  If a meeting host had this disabled and you joined their meeting, you wouldn't be able to use the filter in that case.  The host would need to disable this in their settings before they started the meeting.


I am unsure if during a meeting if you use a filter that the host could turn it off on you in that case.  A host can definitely stop your video however.

Thanks kjhartma. I appreciate your reply.

Hi, are you sure there is an option to restrict participants to use filters? I couldn't find a setting about this in my Zoom panel. Can you describe where this setting is?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hmmm... maybe you're right, I can't find it anymore either.


I know there used to be because I could turn it off for people.  Unless I'm thinking of studio effects...

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

weird, I don't have video filters in my user profile settings, but if I look at settings for a group I'm in, I see it there: