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Can individual users have a custom disclaimer?


I have a user who would like to show a disclaimer at the beginning of her meetings.

I have custom disclaimers off and unlocked in account settings, but she is not able to turn disclaimers on.

Is this an all or nothing setting, everyone on the account has to have a disclaimer or none of them do?

We don't use groups so assigning her to a group to have a disclaimer is not an option.



Note Taker | Zoom Employee
Note Taker | Zoom Employee

Hi @BethFell, welcome to the Zoom community!

Custom disclaimer settings are only configurable at the Account and Group levels, and not for individual users. As a workaround, the admin can create a 1-user group and give that one user their own custom disclaimer.

Check out this article for more information: 

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Hi @crchan123  Thanks for the reply.  I find managing small groups to be onerous.  My solution for this user was to have her customize the waiting room and use it for meetings on which she wanted a disclaimer:


"You have the ability to customize the messaging on a waiting room and you can choose to use the waiting room for a meeting or not so you can enable the waiting room for classes but not for administrative meetings.


  1. go to the Zoom web portal, click on Settings > Security section > Waiting Room Options > Customize Waiting Room
  2. in the dialog box that comes up, enter a short title and
  3. under "Participants in waiting room will see:" choose "A logo and description"
  4. Enter your disclaimer language in the description field. You do not need to upload a logo.
  5. schedule a meeting and choose waiting room as one of the security options.

When students join the class they will be put in the waiting room and see the disclaimer language before you admit them to the meeting."


Zoom's documentation on waiting rooms: