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Can China participants access international version of zoom meetings or webinars?


In the past, when I host webinars that involve China particpants or panelists, I can add China in the "enable additional data center regions" setting, but now I can't find China in this setting anymore, what should I do if I'm going to host a zoom webinar that might need to involve China participants? 



this issue happened today. Im having similar problem whereby my China H323 gateway no more available. What happened basically?

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

I have found the same problem, I can't select the China data centre node


Zoom room said "the host's account has disabled entry to meetings from the specified region address", but China participants can join via laptop or mobile devices; After that, we try to enable "China" or disable a country which is not "China", it still not responding; No zoom CS/account manager can response to this, feeling desperate 


I also found the same thing the China has been removed from the data center list without any update/announcement.


Anyone konw the reasons?

It seems from another thread that you received a resolution to this through Zoom Support.  Have you been able to reconnect with individuals in China now?  I am still looking for a workable solution.  Thank you in-advance. 


I am having the same problem I am hosting a meeting they cannot login from China


Zoom refuses to respond to Basic accounts.  They only tell you to find a response here in the community, and no one has any real answers.  If Zoom is doing this to compel upgrades, why didn't they just make an announcement and give an advance notice?  The only person I've seen who has had any resolution on this matter is @Jacob90  who has, I believe, a Pro account.  Here is my response from Zoom in pieces to preserve privacy:  The date is May 22, 2023.







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