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Camera switch when muting


I've noticed in our meetings that when someone is done speaking and then mutes his microphone, it switches back to him, even though he is not speaking. If the other person is speaking constantly it usually doesn't happen. But, it often happens during a pause. I don't see why it switches when muting. I could understand it happening while turning on the microphone, but not the other way around. It makes for a lot of camera switching.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @yesitsgary1, my first question is are you up-to-date? I don't believe I've experienced this unless the user is initiating mute/unmute constantly. Maybe picking up unwanted background noise? Secondly, if the participant uses the spacebar to unmute or clicks the mute button the view will switch to being in-active. If a participant unmutes, the view will switch or if recognized as the participant is talking. 

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@RN Any updates? We have noticed the same behavior. 


I have also noticed this behavior. At times when a user is muted by the host or mutes themselves the speaker view will switch to the person who has just muted.

I am on the latest version of Zoom.