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Bluetooth headphones intermittently disconnects in zoom


I am having issues with a new pair of Bluetooth headphones that I am using in zoom meetings. The old one works well without any issues, it was just too old and worn down so I had to replace it. (I am using a windows 11 computer). With the new headphones, I am having issues while on call. The microphone just stops working after 2 - 3 minutes in the call, I have to disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth manually for it to work again, and just gets disconnected after 2 - 3 minutes.


This is a lot of hassle since I am conducting online classes, and the mic stops working in the middle of my discussion. I tried to use the same Bluetooth headphones (the replacement) on a mac and it's working fine. It only has issues on Zoom when using windows. I tried using the same headphones with other applications on windows and they are working fine.


I tried the following fixes, but to no avail:

(1) Unpair and pair the BT headphones, then restart the computer

(2) Uninstall and reinstall BT drivers (under device manager)

(3) Updated the drivers for my computer (from the manufacturer's end)

(3) Uninstall and reinstall Zoom


What could be another way to fix this issue?