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Alternative Hosts, Registration and Meeting Access


I have a meeting set up with 3 alternative hosts. I'd like them to be able to start the meeting independent of me.

The meeting also requires registration of attendees. The cannot use the standard meeting registration link to register and get the meeting link - it rightly tells them hosts do not register. However, they are not getting the emails for hosts that contains their meeting information. Is there a way to get this meeting link so I can send it to them directly? Or is that not possible because it is a unique link for each host? I'm trying to work with our IT to see if we can find out why they do not get these emails as well...but a more immediate workaround is needed.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @AvidTraining correct, The alternative host will receive an email letting them know that they have been added as an alternative host, as long as they have not disabled this email notification in the Zoom web portal > Email Notification 



Second, alternative hosts should receive an email from; if you're not receiving emails from Zoom, have your IT team look into the Knowledge Base article on Not receiving emails from Zoom. Based on my testing, it appears that the alternative host join links are not unique to the user in the email that is sent to the alternative hosts versus your traditional copy meeting information.


Traditional Copy Meeting Invitation


VS., Alternative Host Join information.


I also see that this discussion was created on August 15, did those emails ever arrive or did your IT team discover anything? 

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