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Can we provide unique Zoom links to individuals, to avoid sharing?


I am conducting a webinar where participants need to pay to attend, so I need to restrict access to those who have not paid. Is there a way to restrict access to non-paying attendees,  or to restrict paying attendees  from sharing their Zoom link with others.  Does enable waiting room work for webinars?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @ChrisD2.


Similar to in-person events, there is no absolutely perfect way to ensure that only paid participants are able to attend.


Waiting Rooms are not enabled for Webinars: (see Limitations)


You don't mention whether or not you are using Registration, but if not, this is a good first step.  But even with registration, there's no specific protocol that checks to be sure that the person clicking the link is the person that registered with the link -- even if you require Authentication.  Authentication simply requires that they be authenticated (logged into a Zoom account), but doesn't cross-check that the registration and authentication match.


Zoom Events, including the webinar-only version called Zoom Sessions, can do this, but the cost is potentially higher for you, depending on how many attendees you have and how often you host these events.  Event with Zoom Events/Sessions, you have to select the appropriate security measures that require authentication, in order for Zoom Events to do this cross-check.  Many Zoom Events/Sessions hosts don't select this option, since many attendees don't understand the authentication process and end up not being able to attend an event they're registered for.

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