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After 5 years, suddenly unable to open my zoom meetings


I've had the Zoom Pro account for over 5 years, and suddenly today I cannot open or login to any of my scheduled meetings or my zoom account. 


At one point I was in my account and tried to change the password, but couldn't because of an error message saying my "old password is incorrect."


I have tried to open my meetings by signing in from Google incognito, and Firefox, and they don't open, either.


At one point, I got a window saying Zoom was updating my version and not to close the window, so I waited till that finished.


Then I couldn't log into my account!


And I can't submit a support ticket without being able to log into my account!


I'm panicking here because my coaching business is online. I discovered the Pro account doesn't even have live chat support!


Any help much appreciated!