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Administrative professional seeking guidance on setting up Zoom for team member using iPhone / O365


Does anyone know how to send a Zoom invite using your iPhone for one of your team members?  I have 7 calendars on my iPhone for 7 different team members.  I am unable to send a Zoom invite on their behalf without cutting and pasting the information. I recently noticed an add-in that reads, "send invitation" (in email format), but that is not allowing me to actually send the invite because the send  option remains white.  I set up many Zooms a day and just cannot seem to get them on my team members' schedules without doing a huge process which compromises the integrity of the Zoom details given the cut / pasting I do.   For a brief time I was able to set up a Zoom using the regular method and the meeting would populate to the 365 calendar and then I would invite participants from the 365 calendar, but for some reason I can no longer do that.  Did something change? Thanks in advance. 



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @trishschoey, I would double-check to see in Settings > Meetings > Synced Calendars to ensure your Google Calendar is synced. 


To schedule on someone's behalf in-app:

  1. Tap Schedule .
    1. Ensure that the Calendar is Google Calendar
  2. Tap Advanced Options.
  3. Tap Scheduling Privilege.
  4. Tap the name of the user you want to schedule the meeting for.
  5. Adjust other meeting settings as needed. 
  6. Tap Save to finish scheduling.


You can also open up the GCal App with Calendar granted access. 

  1. You will receive an email notification from Google Calendar when another user has granted calendar access. In the email notification, click Add this calendar. 
  2.  Under 'Events' (maybe called different for you), you should see the Calendars available to schedule for. 


I would also ensure all Google and Zoom permissions are granted for scheduling purposes. If anything you can try to un-sync, sign out, and sign back in. Also, I'd ensure Zoom is up-to-date. 


Here are some redirects that may help you along the way! 

Hope this helps you out! 


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