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embed webinar registration form


i am sorry if this may be a repeat but i couldn't find the guidance to make this happen. am looking to embed a webinar registration form into my wordpress site. the iframe suggested in one thread was of no use - i get the "oh, no - you're lost" page from Zoom"...


can someone have mercy and help me with this question, please?


thank you very much!





PS: am not an IT professional so would greatly appreciate a more "lay-term" response... thank you, again!


Note Taker

Hi, @nico-wef –


To maintain the level of security Zoom needs over the registration process, I don’t think you’ll find the ability to embed the form elsewhere at this time. I use a prominent button on my WordPress sites that says “Click here to register”. Nobody complains, and I get plenty of registrations. 

Ray - "Old Desert Lizard" / GoodClix.com
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