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embed webinar registration form


i am sorry if this may be a repeat but i couldn't find the guidance to make this happen. am looking to embed a webinar registration form into my wordpress site. the iframe suggested in one thread was of no use - i get the "oh, no - you're lost" page from Zoom"...


can someone have mercy and help me with this question, please?


thank you very much!





PS: am not an IT professional so would greatly appreciate a more "lay-term" response... thank you, again!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @nico-wef –


To maintain the level of security Zoom needs over the registration process, I don’t think you’ll find the ability to embed the form elsewhere at this time. I use a prominent button on my WordPress sites that says “Click here to register”. Nobody complains, and I get plenty of registrations. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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I used a simple embed code with an iFrame and it works fine - not as pretty as a true embed code from Zoom will be but it's not bad and works fine. Just copy your webinar URL and put it in the code. You can decide on your height and width. If width = 100% it will be responsive. For height, it looks like you have to go about 2000 px to get the entire form to fit (otherwise registrants will have to scroll within the page), depending on your description length. Hopefully they'll come up with something soon. GoToWebinar had this functionality a long time go. 

HTML Code:

<iframe src=" here" height="2000px" width="100%" title="Your Title Here"></iframe>


Hope that helps