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Adding Supervisor's Meeting Invite to My Calendar


I am at a loss! I Do Not want to create my own meeting or send invites to others. I recieve weekly meeting invites from my supervisor and would like to add these meetings (ID number and Passcode) to my Google Calendar. My calendar is already linked to my Zoom G Suite app. Please help! Thank you so much! 


Community Champion


     Does your supervisor add you as an invitee to the meeting? If they're forwarding the meeting and it's not on your calendar, you can copy the body of the meeting invite and create your own calendar event then paste the Zoom meeting info into the calendar event. 

I hope that helps! Please mark the reply Accept As Solution if it does.

She does but when I try to use the original invite it states "Meeting expired Feb. 7".  I tried to copy and paste the invite but do not see where to do so. Under my google calendar, I select the "add"  button then my Zoom meeting link but it only creates a new meeting from my account. Is there another spot where I can copy and paste? Thanks!


Community Champion

Try to create a regular non-Zoom invite in Google Calendar then paste the Zoom info in the body

That was my previous question..Where do I paste the invite? There is not a "body" space when click on the "add" button in the Google Calendar.  Do I paste the invite link in the attachment or description space? This is all I see.

Community Champion

You would paste it in the description of the event.



Sounds  good! I'll do that. Thank you so much for all your help!!!