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Account Disabled


My wife's professional zoom account is disabled.  The only message received is "Account is disabled. Please contact your account owner or administrator."  She is the sole user, is the account owner, there is no administrator.

Because the account is disabled she is unable to contact support because the first thing it asks is to sign in - which gets the message displayed above. - Catch-22 in action!

Question - how to break the loop and contact support to find out why the account is disabled and to correct it so she can continue to provide a telehealth service?

(tried the reset password option early on but that didn't fix the problem and is no longer an available option)


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Ascidian99, when you signed up for your account were you sent a link from your company to sign up with? Or did you go to Just to ensure you weren't associated with another account and have disabled the account/ If prompt a specific error code as well, do you mind sharing that too? 


Looking forward to your response! 😄


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sorry I don't get notifications of replies.  No, signed up direct (not part of company & we are individual users - which is a pain when a prompt says "contact your administrator" when you are self-administered.)  Support has obliterated the problem by removing and recreating the account.  The problem that remains is that the radio button for screen sharing disappears as soon as anybody arrives in the waiting room - still working on that one.

Were you able to get it figured out?  Same thing is happening to my wife's account.

Hi. I have same problem that my account is disabled error 1003. I have no idea why this happen. The account is tied to my company email account *********** but my company does not have control over my zoom account either. I have so many clients that contact me through my personal  meeting ID on this account. I need the account for my work. Please assist me. Thank you.