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5.7.7 Update of Zoom


5.7.7 version is conflicting with Intel "Optima" Memory Freezes up Zoom - The Mouse - Then Restarts the Zoom - 5.7.6 does not have the problem!!! IT Texas College System Administrator.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @MCornwell 

I'd suggest getting in contact with Zoom Support to report this issue. 


Do the following before contacting customer service:

1. Uninstall the plugin
2. Restart the computer
3. re-install plugin
4. Restart the computer
5. See if you can edit zoom appointment

If the problem still persists do the next steps:
6. Press Window key + R
7. Type "outlook.exe /cleanviews"
8. Press Window key + R
9. Type "Outlook.exe / resetnavpane"
10. See if you can edit zoom appointment

If the problem still persists, I recommend doing the uninstall & reinstall steps above (1-5). If there is still a problem then reach out to customer service. I find clicking the chat icon on the bottom right quicker than calling. Let them know you had done the following steps and see if there have been any solutions other than reaching out to Microsoft.

If Zoom has no other resolution other than the ones above, then your next step is to reach out to Microsoft. I will post details from that conversation too.

My current version of the Zoom/Outlook plug is Version


So trying to get a hold of Microsoft's customer service is non-existing BUT I found a solution to my problem and I'm hoping that it will help others. I had run into a Zoom article ( that mentioned installing a Zoom plugin for the Web Outlook which I had not installed. I had only installed the Zoom plugin for the Desktop Outlook. After I installed that plugin, I went to Web Outlook and made the change there. When I refresh either the Web or Desktop, can't recall which one I did or if it was both, the update from the Web reflected on the Desktop. I am still unable to make any changes on the Desktop, but at least I am able to do it on the Web.