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Create a Lead into Salesforce for Zoom meeting registrants


Hello, Zoom Community. Hope you are all doing well,


We are working on a project that requested us the installation of Zoom App present on AppExchange.


The client goal is to capture the zoom meetings attendees (webinars and common zoom meeting) as a new Leads on Salesforce, also having a possibility of mapping the attendee information on the SF Lead fields.


I have tried to install the application on the sandbox and the integration seems not working properly.

I would like your support to help me on below queries:


  1. Is the application providing the lead capture for common meetings on Zoom not only for webinars?
  2. If positive, is there a way to configure the field mapping, like:
    1. Attendee E-mail -> Lead Email field
    2. Attendee Phone -> Lead Phone field
  3. I am having quite a bit of difficulty on establishing the connection and retrieving Zoom data to Salesforce, do you guys have any person that can help us on guiding the setup process?


Warm regards,