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What is Zoom App Marketplace?

Zoom App Marketplace has more than 2,000 apps that enhance your Zoom experience and improve workflow and collaboration. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Marketplace conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Apps and Marketplace support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Team Chat vs in-meeting Chat

We have an existing app that was designed as a chatbot, for in-meeting chat. It works with a /command Whilst working on it, I'm setting up a new dev app, but the options (for app type) have changed. Using the info I have, I can set up a 'team chat' a...

Amazing by Listener
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Zoom Meeting duration is not exceeding

i'm creating a zoom meeting using following way, whateveer the duration i put in the request body, the duration in response is always 60 , what am i doing wrong here and how can i increase the duration of meeting? Request URL:

abhisxh by Listener
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zoom meetings events not auto update in canvas calender.

Hi Team, according to subject I am facing issue while integrating canvas LMS with Zoom LTI pro App. I am Following this documentation link : ZOOM integration Steps but "Tracking Field" in LTI pro app is not visible.I am looking forward to your reply....

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Asm by Listener
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Timer display

I may have posted this question in the wrong group before. I am using Zoom ver. on Lenovo ThinkPad running Windows 11 Pro Ver. 21H2. I have tried deleting app and re-installing and also have deleted ZOOM and re-installed.The format of timer ...

buymv by Listener
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Transfer recordings to other cloud storage

Hello,I want to store all recordings on my own cloud storage, so I have to transfer them from zoom cloud to my cloud out of zoom. I created JWT and use its secret and token in my script, but always get this error message: {"code": 124, "message": "in...

Marketplace - What's an Easy Quiz/Poll App to use

I am looking for an easy aesthetically pleasing Quiz/Poll App directly within Zoom, hopefully without coming out of my normal shared screen. I am after something that will allow me to get good, easy to read results and be able to show them to partici...

Resolved! mentimeter app

I want to use the mentimeter app in a presentation. Doing a trial run, when I send the link to all participants, i can see that it has been sent in the chat function, but the participants don't receive it. Do participants also need to have the mentim...

NellyK by Listener
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