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Zoom calendar display on Logitech TAP with Rally Bar (No NUC)


We are installing our first Logitech Tap / Rally Bar Zoom room. We have integrated Office 365 calendar following the instructions. We have everything working and can schedule the room in 365 Outlook. However, while the meeting shows up on the Tap it only shows the time and meeting info not the day's full calendar (showing open / booked time for that day. We tried scheduling more than 1 meeting on the same day but the result is the same. I can see each meeting but no times in-between or before / after. Any ideas? We CAN see the meetings on the "Room Calendar" in the shared room calendar on our desktops. Just not on the Tap. Running latest version of Zoom 5.16.5.

Side note: We are running Mac Books with Windows Parallels for Office 365