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I have 02 concerns:
- I took a zoom events license and I linked to stripe but I can't activate paid tickets
- is it possible for participants in my webinar scheduled on zoom events to pay for their tickets anywhere in the world with their visa card? for example from Africa?

thank you



1. You have to be within 89 days of your event with Stripe - and 26 days with Paypal - before Zoom with allow you to take paid bookings. Could that be the reason you can't activate paid tickets?

2. To take paid registrations from anywhere in the world - ie outside Zoom's regions for payments - you need to register attendees and accept payments somewhere else - eg another ticketing site. Then, when attendees have paid, to upload them to your event as pre-registered. Important. Make sure you say "No" to "Do you want this guest to register for the event?" (see attached). Otherwise they will face geo-restrictions and be blocked as they try to register.