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multiple inputs and panelists in Webinar


Looking at options perhaps I'm just not thinking about for an event we produce monthly. We have approximately 8 panelists join a month, each with a small slideshow (sometimes with video), and contribute to the webinar at the end doing a Q&A in gallery mode. Currently just spotlighting and sharing graphics and video from another co-hosts computer for speakers. Wouldn't there be a better way to input the slides and video doing a side by side with something like an ATEM mini without lag? Any suggestions welcomed and encouraged.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @jamie_m.


Sounds like you've done some research!  There are many video professionals with cameras feeding ATEM video switches into Zoom for great video, and it's possible to use a suite of hardware and software to enhance the Webinar experience using isolated audio and video using a product called ZoomISO.  But the resulting complexity of doing so prompts me to say "it's not for the faint of heart" and that the resulting enhancement to production quality is often not worth the added expense and complexity.


When you say "event", is this a Meeting, a Webinar, or an actual Zoom Event (a product which leverages Meetings and Webinars to create a more "conference-like" look and feel)?


If you are currently producing this as a paid Webinar, you might consider moving to Zoom Events (if you're not already using it).  There is an upcoming feature being added to Zoom Events called Production Studio that would simplify what your're trying to accomplish.  See this video for a sneak peek: 


There's a longer presentation from the Zoom Test Kitchen here: 


Zoom Events can be pricey - I wouldn't recommend it for a small company doing free events, unless there's a supporting revenue stream.  I have a Recording about Zoom Events Licensing on my Zoom Events Hub here; be sure you're logged into Zoom and go to the Recording tab: 


Let me know if this interests you.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Thanks Ray,

It's a Webinar (we have the expanded license for 3k) and run about 1500 minimum for each webinar. I just don't like the constant spotlighting and pinning and would rather be able to switch between zoom panelist, graphics and video seamlessly with some side by side thrown in for transitions and continuity. Was thinking the ATEM but there was concern there might be a lag. I'll definitely look at the events section and see if it can accomodate the numbers and do what we need without raising the price tag too much. Appreciate the input.


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Zoom Events Production Studio is in beta, limited release which may be the solution  you are looking for, reach out to your Zoom Account team to inquire about enrolling in the beta.