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Zoom Sessions - participants


I am interested in one information regarding Zoom Sessions. If we choose that the maximum number of participants allowed in each session is 100, does this mean that only 100 participants are allowed to register, or does it mean that more than 100 participants can register, and only 100 participants can access the session?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Kukolj.


Clarification, please.  When you refer to Zoom Sessions, you are referring to the Zoom Events-related Zoom Sessions product, correct?  (Some people - myself included - often use the term "sessions" to mean Meetings and/or Webinars).


I'm assuming here that you are referring to Zoom Sessions, the product.  See this Zoom Support article for details:


You can permit more registrations than your Zoom Sessions (or Zoom Events) Unlimited'/"Annual" license capacity, though by default, it sets the capacity to your license limit.  Regardless, Zoom Events/Sessions will not permit more people to join than your license capacity.

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