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Zoom Events - Miscellaneous Questions


Hi there,


I have QUITE a few one-off questions regarding Zoom Events - hopefully the community can help me understand! See questions below and thank you in advanced for reading all of them.


Cloud Recording in Zoom Events

  1. If we run a single-session webinar within the Hub that we want available as "OnDemand" content aka cloud recording complimentary access to the attendees with registration, where do the attendees find the recorded session?


  1. If someone receives a speaker ticket for one session, will that speaker ticket allow them to have access to the remainder of the conference as an attendee? Or do they have to register for both their speaker ticket and attendee ticket?

Zoom Events Hosts

  1. We are going to have multiple hosts running multiple events happening around the same time. The Conference is built in our main event Zoom account but we cannot have multiple people within that account. Would adding an alternative host to each session solve this problem? Or can I have multiple hosts within the Hub or Conference?

Advanced Options

  1. If Q&A is enabled for Conference sessions, does this also allow for attendees to raise their hand and come off mute to ask a question?

Agenda / Speakers

  1. I have uploaded my entire agenda and speakers to the Conference. Are you unable to order or alphabetize the speakers on the speaker list?