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Webinar subscription ended, need to reinstate but have lost my saved webinars


I had bought the webinar addon for one month to host a webinar.  We were holding another one 3 months later so I had not paid for the months in between.  I didn't realise I would lose all the webinar settings that I had made for the one in the future (now 2 weeks away).   We are a charity who are only just starting into offering webinars.  They won't be every month and the webinar add on is quite expensive for us. 
*Does anyone know the best way to set this up?  Is there a pay per month of use option or are we just locked into having to pay for the months we are inactive?

*Does anyone know if when I pay again for the subscription if I will get back any of the previous webinars logged as we now have people signed up to a webinar that may not exist and that will take a lot of back-tracking!


Thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

you should see your old webinars once you renew your subscription


Hello we have a similar problem. our subscription ended, but we scheduled a webinar for the future, and had already people registered. can we get those registrations back? do we need to set up the webinar once again?