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Standalone Webinars Pay Per Attendee


Hi there,


I currently have a trial of Zoom Events and as part of this trial, I see that you can schedule webinars in two ways


1. Through the Zoom Events Hub as part of an event

2. As a standalone webinar in the Zoom Admin area.


What I'm not clear on though is do I still get the facility to schedule standalone webinars if I choose a Pay Per Attendee plan or does that only work if I'm on a monthly or yearly subscription?






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @DigitalMedium.  And welcome to Zoom Events and Sessions.


There are two types of licenses available:

  1. Zoom Events  "Unlimited" (which I like to call "Annual").  This license is typically used for internal events, since the maximum capacity is fixed (100, 500, 1000, etc.) but as many events as you want can be held at this capacity while this license is active, but only one hub is allowed for the license.  it can be used to host events for other people, but some elements of the event may reference the owning hub, which might not be appropriate for your customers/clients.  Note that these licenses are somewhat costly, and in general only cost-effective (compared to PPA licenses) if you are going to have more than 8 events at the maximum capacity of your license.
  2. Zoom Events "Pay Per Attendee" (PPA).  This license grants a certain number of Attendee "slots" to your Zoom Events license, at a maximum cost per attendee of $2.50, less if purchased in quantities larger than 100.  PPA "slots" which are unused 1 year after purchase are voided, so do not purchase more than you will reasonably be able to use in a year. If you need more slots, you can add them at any time, or even let Zoom charge you the base rate of $2.50 per attendee for any over your available PPA slots.  Each person that visits the lobby of a PPA event deducts 1 from the available PPA license.  Registrants who do not attend your event ("attendance" means any visit to the lobby or any session) do not subtract a slot.  Registrants who do attend only subtract one slot regardless of the number of times they visit the lobby or any session per event.  With a PPA license, the license holder can create multiple Hubs; for example, one for Client A, one for Client B, etc.

The $2.50 price per PPA slot applies to a Zoom Event.  If you are only planning to hold Zoom Sessions (single or recurring Webinar-only -- not including multi-day or multi-session events), then there are Sessions-only licenses available for both "Unlimited" and PPA use.  Session-only licenses are slightly less expensive than Events licenses. Most people I've talked with also want to hold multi-day and multi-session events, so I rarely see anyone buying Sessions licenses.


See the various costs for these licenses at  Reach out to me for more information on Zoom Events and Sessions licensing.  There is a recording available at the GoodClix Hub here which contains additional details of Zoom Events licensing (click the Recording tab).

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Hi Ray,


Thanks for your response and I appreciate the welcome.


However, unfortunately I think your response has left me with more questions as I don't see anything on the pricing page for an "unlimited" license as you have described (or is that the subscription version)?


Also it's not clear if I can schedule standalone webinars in the Zoom admin area (so not the Events Hub) with a Pay Per Attendee license.


Is this something you can clarify for me?

Thanks Ray. Just the answer I was looking for!

We met briefly today in the onboarding session.  Great to know that there are kind, knowledgeable people like you out there!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @GrahamLock!  Nice to meet you and Sophie today.  I reached out to her on LinkedIn with my Email address.  Feel free to contact me any time with questions.  I also have a couple of UK-based associates with some Zoom Events experience I can put you in touch with if/when you have interest.

Ray - Need cost-effective Zoom Events Help? Visit
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Super. Thanks Ray. I do have a question actually - can I dm you in this app? And yes, would love to be connected to UK Zoom associates, as we need to get up to speed pretty quickly on Zoom.