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Webinar registration gives error 401 after PayPal payment


Our non-profit organization has been using Zoom for over 2 years, but this problem only arose in October 2023 when we published details of our offerings and posted Zoom registration links on our website. The problem is with PayPal integration.


At that point, and continuing to this day, every attempt to register for any of our Zoom webinars seems to fail after PayPal payment has been made. We have set up many test webinars and the problem occurs for every one.


What the customer sees is that, having paid for the webinar, they are re-directed back to Zoom, on a "Waiting for confirmation from PayPal" page, but the spinner never stops. It's as if Zoom never receives a response from PayPal. 


If the customer is sharp-eyed, they may see a small popup message that says HTTP error 401 has occurred, but that message is only visible for a second or two.


In fact, the PayPal transaction has been successfully processed, and Zoom sends a confirmation message to the person who registered, but the customer is left confused about his or her status.


We are not using any PayPal or Zoom APIs--we're just using the built-in Zoom/PayPal integration.


Our Winter 2024 season is fast approaching and we really need to get this fixed. Any ideas?



We are facing the exact same issue - any update?

I finally got Zoom support to pay attention, and they bumped it to their "back-end team", but they didn't get anywhere, so they escalated it to second-level support, who responded quickly, but apparently without reading the details. I responded as patiently as I could, and am waiting for a response. This has been going on for almost a year. 

@klgops: Are you in Canada? We have just discovered that another Canadian organization is having this same problem.'


We have the same problem.

Using Paypal Canada to collect payments for a Webinar does not return control to Zoom US leaving the user high and dry!


Just got this encouraging response from Zoom:

Checked with engineering and can confirm this was due to nginx setting on our end. Payment status is not being updated in the UI due to this, though the payment is successful.

Engineering will correct nginx setting in this weekend, after that the issue will be fixed. Will update you after the fix.

So looks like a fix is imminent



Sunday morning. I just checked and the problem seems to be SOLVED!

Good news indeed.



Hi Team,

We are getting error after waiting for response from paypal "Unable to pay for this registration Please check your account balance and try again" 

We talked to sales/support but they were not able to provide proper resolution.


We created business account but still same error, and we tried 4 different paypal accounts to pay for webinar but still same error.


Please help.




This seems like a problem much different from the one that triggered my original post. (Our problem remains solved.)


I understand your initial problem for this thread is different and it remains solved.

but can you please help with the problem I have? Do you want me to create new thread?




I'm afraid I can't help. I'm just the Webmaster for an organization that uses Zoom and PayPal for webinar registration and payment. I have no particular expertise in this area.


Are you hosting/selling webinars that generate this error, or are you just trying to register for someone else's webinar? If you're just trying to register, maybe get in touch with whoever is selling the webinar. OR ask PayPal why your payments are being refused.


Good luck.