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Webinar re-registration to add future sessions


Hi, I understand that zoom recently restricted the multiple registration to add sessions in the same webinar series directly from the public link the host provided. Attendees who registered one session, and trying to register the future sessions, instead of getting PayPal window as usual, they get 'registration attempt detected' email from zoom. From that email, then there are many steps to be able to check the date for adding sessions and seeing PayPal window (my instruction attached). 

There are so many people struggled with this procedure (because previously, people could add as many as they want from the public link in one step). Even I created detailed instruction for long re-registration process, people still have troubles to register.

Question is, are there any settings the webinar host can change for attendees to be able to add future sessions multiple times in much easier way within the same webinar series?

Please, please, please give me any solution!!! 


Hi! Thanks for your reply to my question. 

Actually I am trying to help my organizer. They never changed any setting for 3 years, but this problem happened suddenly in this March or April. All attendees were able to clink the webinar link the organizer posted or emailed as many as they like to add future dates to register and pay within same webinar series. But now, they can't add dates/sessions in the same way after the first partial purchase. It requires many steps to be able to finally see the Paypal window.

So my question was if the organizer can change any setting to allow attendees to buy sessions anytime from same public public link. This is not my problem, the organizer really wants to find a way for all their attendees not having errors and can re-register simply (not many zoom attendees are like us, they don't know how the system/computer works and how all errors are created).

The organizer does not limit seat or registration number, BTW. But this is anyway different problem from those limitation setting. However I don't have an account to create paid webinar host, so am asking if anyone knows what to do (I researched and read all instructions and recent updates, but nothing found about webinar organizer setting on 'adding sessions for attendees'.

And once in April, when I called, zoom customer service told me that the zoom changed to this way (restricting re-registration from public link) for security purpose. I am not sure if it was true or not. But anyway, that happened. So I created long instruction how to add sessions for all attendees, but still people get stuck and can't re-register the additional sessions.

But you wrote "Some webinars have limitations on re-registration or adding future sessions,". So if you might know any organizer setting abut 'adding future sessions', which zoom may recently added??