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Sharing Screen with Panelist’s only?


We are hosting a virtual play reading and would like the scripts to be visible only to the Panelist’s - not to the attendees is that possible? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @NaNorman ,


Short answer... is.. I believe no.


There are no combination of settings that I'm aware of that would allow you to share your screen in a webinar and only have the panelists see it.


LOTS of ways to get this done though.


Zoom Solutions:


2 Meetings

Hold a Zoom Meeting with the panelists simultaneously with the Webinar. This requires that all of your panelist enable the "Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop" setting within their Zoom Portal settings.


Use the Whiteboard

Share the scripts via Zoom Whiteboard. You can Add/Import a PDF of a given script to the Zoom Whiteboard and then only share the Whiteboard with the panelists.


Non Zoom Solutions:


Shared Office Suites

Share the Script(s) via a Google/Office 365 document.


There are quite a few options available, these are what I can think of quickly to share.


Hope this helps!




nah gang this should be possible dont listen to newl he doesn't know what he Is saying