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Retrieving the answers before the meeting


Hello everyone,

I am facing a difficulty and looking for help: I planned a meeting for Thrusday (so it has not taken place yet) with a mandatory inscription followed by a question (i would like to know if the participant wants to intervene during the meeting). I would like to have access to the answer of my 15 participants, but I can only access the name and the email address of the person who registered. When I go to the "report" session, i can only access my previous meeting but not those that will take place... Can you please tell me where can i retreive all my participants informations?

Thanks in advance


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @NACRe welcome to the community! 


When you go to, click into the meeting you have registration setup for, you will want to click on the 'registration' tab.


A 'view' hyperlink appears next to manage registrants. When you click 'view,' you will see all of the meeting's registrants before the meeting.


To view the registrants' responses, click on the registrant's name, which is a hyperlink and will provide you with additional information about the registration responses that they've sent. 


Zoom Community Moderator

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