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Required registration information for zoom event




Is it possible to require registrants to fill out registration information when purchasing a ticket for an event? Do the other types of platform (webinar) allow this? Currently registrants don't even have to enter an email address, much less any other contact information.


If this is not possible, could the interface be adjusted so the registrants would need to opt out rather than opting in? Currently they don't even see the registration information fields. They of course have the right to opt out, but they also might be fine including their information if they see the fields and know it will connect them with our organization and community.







Also hoping to see a response to this. I've just opened our first event for registrations and have absolutely no details on any of our attendees! This will not be a workable registration form for us ongoing if we can't collect even an email address from our registrants. 


Right now we are exploring potential workarounds (such as using Jotform for registration -- could we have the "register" button point offsite?), as the core functionality here as it currently stands isn't adequate to support out needs. Any insight/direction would be much appreciated.


It is really a problem to not have the option to require registrants to fill out information in order to register. We're having to hunt down registrants to try to have them re-register with the correct information so that we can track continuing education credit requirements. Must say, I'm very disappointed that there is no fix for this.


I spoke with a Zoom rep and they said it was due to legal liability. I called BS as every other event system allows you to do it, as does their own registration system/webinar registration.  I made it clear that it was a deal-breaker for us. I also made it very clear that when something is checked "required" in a registration setting, people should not be allowed to opt out, especially if we've provided the privacy policy. 


I'm hoping they update this policy so that the system becomes usable. Asking people to register twice is just not professional.