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Problem with restreaming on LinkedIn


I was supposed to do a live webinar today with a live restream on LinkedIn. My tests 2 days before were perfect, everything worked, I was able to do this but during the "real" webinar, there was no option in the "more" option to connect zoom to Linkedin (share via the "live on custom stream service"). It's strange because the option that I had to find in the 3 small dots under the name "more" (at the bottom of the streaming window) simply did not exist. However, the 3 Linkedin data were encoded for the webinar. Do you have an idea of the origin of the problem? What can prevent this Linkedin login/sharing option from appearing?


We were 2 activ with the same account just for info, 2 laptops connected on the same account. 


Maybe... I was not host, I'm not sure, I dont remember exactly. I thought I was because linked with the account of the client. I will try to recreate this kind or problem/possibility to see what happens