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How to generate a list of registrations and attendees for ALL webinars


For each webinar, Zoom allows users to download an Attendee Report spreadsheet, which states the registrations and actual attendance for that single webinar. I want to generate an Attendee Report which contains this information for ALL webinars. 


The current method seems to be (1) go to each webinar, (2) download the attendee report, (3) copy its contents, (4) move that content over to a master spreadsheet that we just started.


However, we do a webinar a day and we have months of past webinars that need to be added to this master spreadsheet. It would take many hours.


I briefly investigated the Zoom API but it was too complicated. I checked out Zapier but they have limited triggers - when there is a meeting registrant, it can be added to a table. This does not cover our use case for webinars, past webinars, and most importantly, attendance.


Does anyone have a better approach than manually copy and pasting? Is there an app in the marketplace that could provide this functionality?


As a last resort, I could be open to paying someone to develop an API or Zapier to do this.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@aaronbnb At the moment this is the only method that I'm aware of not involving APIs and without using an integration like Salesforce/Pardot. (Not saying those are the only options integration wise).

I would suggest reaching out to our to see if they can provide an easy script that other customers may have used. I would also try searching the dev forum as customer's will post their scripts as well looking for suggestions and help. 


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