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Can I add a stock ticker to my Zoom Webinar?


I want to add a stock ticker esque element to the bottom third of my screen during a Zoom webinar.  Is this possible?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@DavidRagsdale This is not currently a feature we offer, but you should explore some of our Zoom Apps to see if any of those can provide the functionality you are looking for. 

A popular one I see used quite often is "AI Business Cards by Warmly" but I don't believe that will provide the functionality you are looking for on your video. 

Outside of a potential Zoom App, the only other way would be for you to screen share and show a stock ticker from widget or other app pulled up on the screen. 

I would suggest submitting your feedback on this at 

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One way to display a stock ticker is by using a third-party app or widget that allows you to customize your webinar screen. Many of these apps offer features such as custom tickers, countdown timers, and other graphical elements that can enhance your webinar experience.

Another option is to use screen sharing during your webinar to display a stock ticker from a website or application that provides real-time stock information. You can share your screen with your audience and navigate to the website or app that displays the stock ticker.

It's important to note that displaying a stock ticker during a webinar may not be relevant or useful for all audiences. If you are hosting a webinar that focuses on a specific topic, such as a product demonstration or a training session, it may be better to avoid distracting elements like a stock ticker.

In summary, it is possible to display a stock ticker during a Zoom Webinar, but it's important to consider your audience and the purpose of your webinar before deciding to add this feature.