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Customizing an email after an event




I wanted to customize the email settings for a webinar from last Sunday Jan 23 to include the event recording etc and additional information and I didn't have some of the information before the event ended. Today Jan 28, I updated the custom email setting  and then set it to go out 6 days after the event, so in theory tomorrow Jan 29.


Does anyone know if it will go out since I hadn't set that up before the event started? It's a pretty big list so I wanted it to go out via Zoom. 






Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello and thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! I was looking through our support article on this topic

And it does not mention that you need to configure these settings before the webinar takes place. It does specify that "The confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails are only sent when webinar registration is required." If you had registration enabled I do believe this email will go out. Unfortunately I can't test since this is something that needs to be configured and watched 🙂 But I do believe the email will go from Zoom.


I know this hasn't "fixed" the issue per se but if you have found this post helpful, feel free to click "Accept as Solution" below. Thanks!