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Can zoom connect to Salesforce with integration to transfer data ?


Is there any integration that can import webinar data into salesforce



There are a few ways to integrate Zoom webinar data to Salesforce. You can use the default zoom integration provided by zoom or third party apps like ours 


If you have complex business logic and want to track more details about your webinar attendee journey, third-party automation tools may be better.  You can either populate your default Salesforce Objects like Contacts, Leads, Opportunities from the Zoom Webinar data or create dedicated objects to hold all of the Webinar data including (registrations, attendance, notes, etc). Feel free to reach out and I am happy to provide guidance based on what you are trying to achieve.


There are solutions available on the AppExchange like ZFusion that can automatically capture all Webinar related data in Salesforce, such as creating new Leads or Contacts (with duplicate checking), detailed registration data like standard questions and custom questions, join and leave time for participants etc. Once installed, data will automatically flow into Salesforce without any need for configuration.