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Can videos be pre-loaded to the webinar


Once a month we host a webinar for 300+ employees all around the world.

We always show videos, but as they're being "streamed" from locations with less than perfect network performance, they are jumpy, audio is not synchronized, etc. So the impact of the videos is tremendously negative.


Does Zoom Webinar offer a solution?

In other webinar tools I've used, they had the ability to load the video to the scheduled webinar and thus run it from the webinar platform.


Looking forward to your respons(es).


Cheers, James


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi James, firstly make sure you play video's using share screen\advanced\video.  Secondly make sure meeting host playing video are connected via cable not wifi.  


And, don't recommend that you stream the video; rather, share from the panelist's or host's local computer (and definitely be hard-wired connected as Denise suggests).