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Better Zoom Webinar Registration Solutions (CRM/email integrations?)


I'm looking for a better way to integrate our email marketing/communications with Zoom Webinars registration. Several times a year, we host state-certified CLE webinars that draw between 500 and 1000 attendees.


We use Mailchimp to manage email communications, including webinar announcements/invitations and a monthly legal periodical, to 14k+ subscribers. We include our Zoom Webinar registration link in those invitations, and thereafter we run all registrant and attendee communications through Zoom Webinars.

This non-integrated solution creates a couple significant inefficiencies and headaches:
(1) Exporting registrants from Zoom and importing them back into Mailchimp for tagging and filtering (to avoid unnecessary repeat invitations) and pre-webinar announcements is cumbersome, can lead to bounce issues, and can corrupt the quality of the contact record.
(2) Oftentimes, Zoom Webinar attendees use a different email address for their Zoom account than the one they use to subscribe to our email list. I have to go to great lengths to emphasize the importance of registering AND attending/joining under their Zoom account email, and some users still mess it up.

This leaves us having to choose between requiring authentication on the front end (which often leads to hordes of panicked calls/emails re: join difficulties right as the webinar is starting) or having to manually authenticate on the back end with Zoom's attendance report data (which leaves us with too much investigative work trying to connect registrant and attendee data when folks join under a different email address than the one with which they registered).

Seems like there should be a seamless CRM-type solution for an industry leader like Zoom, that would fully integrate promotional, registrant, and attendee communications — or else work smoothly enough on its own that folks like me aren't having to hunt for workarounds.


One suggestion to Zoom? Fix the registration platform to guarantee that the join link works (recognizes the user, and associates the registrant and attendee data automatically) regardless of what account the user is logged into Zoom under when they click the link.


Is there also a webhook of some sort that would auto-tag Mailchimp contact records upon Zoom Webinar registration submission? That would be extremely helpful.


Thanks in advance.



There are several better Zoom webinar registration solutions available that offer more robust CRM and email integration options. Here are a few examples:

Zapier: Zapier is an automation tool that allows you to connect Zoom with hundreds of other apps, including popular CRM and email marketing tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Mailchimp. You can create "Zaps" that automatically add new Zoom webinar registrants to your CRM or email list, send follow-up emails after the webinar, and more.

Eventbrite: Eventbrite is a popular event management platform that integrates with Zoom. You can create an event page on Eventbrite to promote your webinar, sell tickets (if applicable), and manage registrations. Eventbrite also offers built-in email marketing tools to send reminders and follow-up emails.