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I wish we could save a whiteboard as a pdf and import a pdf/ppt/googleslide into a whiteboard


I have been an online mathematics educator for 20 years in K-12.  We switched to zoom in 2020. 

Right now I app share Smart Notebook as my teaching whiteboard.   I use the new Zoom whiteboard rarely.  


I have two wishes.

1.   I wish we could save a whiteboard(or group of wbds) as a pdf/png. A  pdf is preferred. 

2.  I wish I could import a pdf/ppt/googleslide into a whiteboard and use as my lesson shell. 



Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi isadoresnook,


whiteboard features are being added frequently.  you can make feature requests at


according to whiteboard release notes for september 18, 2022, you can export a whiteboard as a pdf.  this feature is available from the zoom web portal but not from zoom windows client. 

Release notes for Zoom Whiteboard – Zoom Support


according to whiteboard user guide revised august 9, 2022, you can upload a .jpg or .png file from your computer onto the board.

Zoom Whiteboard User Guide – Zoom Support


thanks, eliot


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hello isadoresnook,


The ability to export to PDF or PNG is supported outside of a meeting from a web browser. Use a web browser to go to your Zoom Whiteboard dashboard, open the whiteboard, and choose "Export" from the More Menu.

Hope that helps

I haven't found a way to export on the zoom client itself. I have to open in browser, which asks me to authenticate again, just to export to PDF. It does not make sense to me at all, if I am on the app, why not do it directly?