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permanent meeting room


Hi guyz,


I am teaching on-line and create for the meetings different invitations. 

How can I create a fix/my own permanent room and give all my pupils their own entry code. It means I start teaching/open my room every day and everybody can joint the meeting with his own access code when his lesson starts and I let him/her in.


Thank you for the answers.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Sorry, @AndrasGC, Zoom doesn’t have an option to do that.


A workaround would be to create a meeting with Waiting Room enabled, require students to log in with their correct name, and then you admit them (assuming the name matched the next scheduled student) when the previous student has left.  All students would get the same invitation with the same Meeting ID and Passcode. (I’d suggest still using the Passcode for security purposes.) 

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