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Would like all guests to always go to waiting room


As far as I can tell I have all my settings set to have guests placed into the waiting room.  However, upon entrance they are placed directly into the meeting.  I know I can manually enable to waiting room once I am in the meeting by using the security section, however, I would like this just automatically done for all guests.  I believe there is a way.  Can you help me?



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@amykline -- the easiest way is to check the Security icon when you first enter the meeting, and make sure that Enable Waiting Room is checked:



However, be aware that there is also a setting (the location varies for User/Group/Admin) that allows users in the same account/company/organization to bypass the Waiting Room.  If enabling the waiting room doesn't work, that might also be the issue.  (I can't find the Zoom Support article that addresses this at the moment, but I'll continue to look.)


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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @amykline 

You want the waiting room to be automatically activated at the start of the meeting, correct?

Sign in Web portal ( ), and you can set waiting room options .

Set everyone.

Then Check in the waiting room during scheduling.