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Zoom output to 2nd HDMI port


I am looking at upgrading a PC that runs Zoom and currently supports three displays - #1 PC monitor, #2 2nd PC monitor and #3 HDMI output to TVs. The upgraded PC can  support 4 displays, hence I'm hoping to use #4 to display the output from Zoom to a separate TV string.

We are using the current PC to run hybrid-Zoom meetings whereby the main meeting runs using the existing three displays and the output of the Zoom meeting is as normal over the internet. However, we have two separate TVs that we'd like to be able to send the Zoom output to so that viewers in these rooms that cannot see the main platform at present will be able to do so.

My question is - can one output Zoom to a 2nd HDMI port? I sincerely hope so! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @MorrieB.


I wasn't sure if you wanted to send one Zoom screen to two HDMI ports, or were just asking about sending any Zoom screen to another port.


For 1sending one Zoom window to 2 HDMI ports, I'd recommend an HDMI splitter to feed both devices.


Moving Zoom windows around on multiple monitors is actually pretty simple: all of the Zoom windows are regular, everyday Windows windows, if you get my meaning.  My advice would be to learn how to move any window wherever you want it.


  1. Alt Tab let's you pick a window.
  2. Holding down just the Windows key while tapping the right or left arrow will put the window in half-screen mode on the right or left half of the current window.
  3. Holding down Windows+Shift lets you move the current window "up one window" with the right arrow key or "down one window" with the left arrow key.

There are several more.  You can move any Zoom window to any monitor this way.


I facilitate a lot of Zoom meetings, and often use the Dual Monitor mode, placing the Zoom windows on any of my 4 screens:


There's a separate monitor far right with a 4-port KVM switch on it, attached to 3 small PCs and a Mac.


Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Thanks for your for your suggestions Ray. 
After posting I felt that I needed to add a little more detail and was just about to do that when I saw your reply. 
We run Zoom and our other applications on display #1 which is extended to #2 and #3 which are duplicated so as to provide a feed to the 2nd PC display and out to our main TV chain via HDMI. We run Zoom in dual display mode so that we can bring up Zoom participants when needed onto the TV chain. What we are looking for is a method to have the Zoom output permanently on the 2nd TV chain using a PC's 4th port (HDMI).