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Webinar attendees can't view fullscreen


One business that I and others use has several weekly webinars.  Sometimes, I and other attendees cannot view the webinar fullscreen.  There are two windows. 1) the host's computer screen and 2) the host's camera view or a company logo.  


There is a vertical bar between the two windows that attendees can drag to increase or decrease the size, but there is no way to close the window with the host's camera view (or the company logo)., so we can see the host's computer screen full screen.   When this issue occurs, it exists for the duration of the webinar.  In other webinars that the same company hosts, the host's camera view is shown picture-in-picture and the host's computer screen is displayed full screen.  


The hosts say that they are all using the latest version of Zoom.  The hosts say they are not aware of anything they are doing that causes the issue of the participants not being able to view the webinar fullscreen.  Webinar attendees using both Mac and Windows have observed the issue.  Is there anything the webinar host can do to ensure that fullscreen is used?


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi Gene, 


Webinar Hosts can control the attendee views from the in-session controls.   Please check out this document for more information.