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Options for who can share screen


It would help if we had more options for the screen sharing settings. As it is, either just the host can share, or "everyone" can share, right?
Sometimes an attendee "shares their screen" by mistake. When it happens in my meetings, I know the person didn't mean to be disruptive, and I stop their sharing as fast as I can. But it interrupts the speaker and distracts everyone's concentration.
It would be nice if we could set it so that the host and co-hosts were the only ones who can share. Or if we could specify a particular attendee to be able to share their screen, but not "everyone."
Sometimes I want an attendee to be able to share their screen, but I don't want "everyone" to be able to share their screen.
Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi there!


I wonder if this information will help: Managing advanced screen sharing settings.


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