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Installation question


I use Zoom mainly to attend meetings organized by others so I am a novice. I have noticed lately that a Zoom installation takes place every time I turn on my computer and click the Zoom icon on my screen. I have an iMac. That seems so redundant and unnecessary. Why does it do this and should I find a way to stop it? It doesn’t do this on my iPhone Zoom app.



Hello. I know someone who had the same problem on a Windows computer. It turned out the icon that looked like the zoom icon was a shortcut to the zoom install website. So they had multiple versions of zoom installed. So maybe delete that shortcut, install zoom and use the new button. It will match the button on your phone. M

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, World Traveler.


I agree with Mary,  or possibly you are clicking the installer and not the program itself. If you don't delete it after use each time, which I believe you don't, just delete the Zoom app in your desktop screen and check if there isn't one on your Application's folder in finder: that is the one you want to use.


If it is installed, another way is to click on the meeting link and it should open in the Zoom app.


Hope this helps!

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