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Can't find giphy


For the life of me, I've looked and looked and looked through every setting on my profile but I can't find the option to send GIF in chat, I only see the emoji button. 


It says I'm the account owner so I'm pretty sure I have the admin privileges but the help article is different than the settings I see on my profile page. 


I'm logged into the account on the web browser and I've looked through everything on there but I don't see the option to enable the GIF. I also looked through all the settings in the desktop client but also nothing.


I've also checked for updates and it says I'm on the latest version: version 5.15.5


Randomly I checked on the desktop client and it has the GIF icon when I type messages in "my personal space" but when I switch to team chat it only has the emoji icon.....


This is the article I've been following but in account management there isn't the account settings tab to open and in settings it's just enabling or disabling emojis.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @jk11 this is because you configure Team Chat settings at the Account setting level, not the personal setting level. 


Please keep in mind, Team Chat differs from Zoom Meeting In-Meeting Chat, as to when you're configuring the personal settings, you're configuring in-meeting settings, not team chat settings. 


You could edit your in-meeting file transfer settings, to Only allow specified file types for this example, we'd use ".gif" 

Zoom Community Moderator

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thank you, but I don't really understand what you said. I'll try to show you some weird things that I don't understand. When I tried to go to that link then I went to account settings it just said "no permission".


but weirdly it also says I'm the account owner, but another setting tells me to contact the admin....but how can I not be admin since I'm the owner......


I'll show you where I tried to change it as well but it just has the option to show emoji and not gifs...


maybe if there's a picture I could follow to understand what I have to do