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How to convert time zone and schedule meeting?


So, we all use Zoom to schedule and do meetings with other people online. Most of the time people from different time zones. 


So when I meet with people over email or LinkedIn or anywhere, then talk about Zoom meetings. Then they tell me they are available such as 12 PM in their time zone. So, I have to convert their time to my time then I have to create scheduled meetings and then I send invitations to them. 


I know most of the people search on Google and convert time with different zones. I also do this. But recently I got the wrong time from a website and I just missed my very very important Zoom meeting. 


So, is there any way that we can convert time in Zoom? or are there any software that we can install in our computer to do it perfectly and reliably? Because I don't want to search everytime on Google and don't want to get the wrong time again. So how you handle this kind of situation? Zoom is a meeting software and I think Zoom should have this tool. 


Any suggestion will be appreciated. 


People just show me their time like this 12 January 3 PM in Atlanta

So what this time will be in my time?


So actually needed "Date and Time Converter"