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Zoom Room Controller keeps crashing and restarting on IOS 17.


We have 4 x Zoom Rooms 

Zoom Room Controller run's on iPad. 3 out of the 4 work fine. These 3 are all running 16.* IOS, however one of them was updated to IOS 17, and this Zoom ROom Controller is not working.


Every time we try to edit settings, for example the microphone or speakers, the Zoom Room Controller app crashes on the iPad and then restarts straight away.

Because of this we are unable to change the microphone settings and the zoom room is not useable.


Has anyone experienced this issue? and knows a fix?






Same here. 
14 Zoom Rooms. All having the same issue. 
If you try to add a participant or exit ASAM mode, the zoom controller app crashes and restarts. 

Zoom - please fix this asap with an update. 


We are also having this issue when trying to invite someone to the meeting via email from the controller. Issue starting happening after upgrading to iOS 17.


Facing same issue once upgraded to iOS17 version, any alternate Solution for this please 


Our firm has 7 Zoom room systems (poly g7500) and we are also seeing this behavior. The common component in every scenario where the app crashes is the keyboard. Every time the app crashes it occurs when the ios keyboard should load. I will say if you fiddle with it enough the keyboard sometimes in rare instances will load and the app wont crash but that is usually after a reboot of the device on the first launch of the app, though that is still extremely sporadic.

Do any of you have tickets open with Zoom about the behavior we are all experiencing?


Same, iPads on iOS 17 crash when the keyboard is supposed to open.


Same problem for us. Is there a known fix or at least a statement form Zoom on this?

After going back and forth with Zoom support and sending video proof this is what they had to say:


Thank you for sending the recording of the issue. Checked with our engineering team regarding this and confirmed Apple iOS 17.1 Beta has a fix for this issue and our dev team has tested it. Please wait for the public release of iOS 17.1 to confirm.


We have not tested the Beta ourselves nor do we plan to if iOS 17.1 is rumored to be as close as it is. Zoom has closed our ticket feeling the issue resolved and has stated that it can be reopened if after applying 17.1 the issue persists. If anyone needs to cross reference our ticket, the ticket number is #18265330.

Additionally, I agree, it would be nice if there was a Statement from Zoom as I cant imagine we are the only ones to have brought this up before now and if they did make a statement, I have not seen one as of yet. 


Disabling ASAM fixes it btw, which is obviously not preferred.


We tested with iOS 17.1 RC today 10/19/2023 and confirm Zoom / ASAM has no issues and the app crashing no longer occurs with iOS 17.1